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KCLWMS Committee 2022/23

Co-Presidents               Imy Pudney

                                            Ben Debrosse


Secretary                        Neil Lodhia


Treasurer                        Qays

Events Officers              Shanthavi Wijayakumar

                                          Mona Farhangi

Publicity Officer             Laura Appleton

Conference Officers     Lucas Wilmshurst

                                          Barbara Pavlou

Expedition Officers       Aqeel Mohamed

                                          Lucy Smyth

                                          Lucy Barnard

Training Course             William Pickles

Officers                            Daisy Blaksley

                                          Sacha Salamon White

                                          Aadil Aftab

Training Course             Laura Appleton

Advisers                           Neil Lodhia

                                         Barbara Pavlou


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Past Committee Members


Co-Presidents: Hugo Hall and Beth West

Treasurer: Eliza Gimson

Secretary: Clemens Wendt

Training Course Officers: Laura Appleton, Neil Lodhia, Barbara Pavlou

Training Course Advisors: Jack Galsworthy, Jon Urquidi Ferreira, William Calkin and James Carr

Conference Officers: Ben Debrosse and Imy Pudney 

Events Officers: Shanthavi Wijayakumar, Rachna Prem, Francis Foster-Hall



Co-Presidents: Beth West and Lily Walter 
Treasurer: Elena Grattagliano
Secretary: Lizzy Adefuwa
Training Officers: James Carr, Jack Galsworthy, William Calkin, Jon Urquidi Ferreira
Events Officer: Hugo Hall, Imy Pudney, Yanja Chuluunbaatar, 
Conference Officers: Eliza Gimson and Rachna Prem
Expedition Officers: Clemens Wendt and Vivienne Matthews
Publicity Officer: Henny Dunn



President - William Rowley

Vice President - Alice Pearson

Treasurer - Jonathan Schulz

Secretary - Elena Grattagliano

Publicity Officer - Hugo Hall

Events Officers - Beth West, Eliza Gimson, Jake Warrington

Training Course Officers - Holly West, Cara Sedgwick, Lily Walter, Jess Curtis

Conference Officers - Charlotte Greene, Tahlia Sharples

Expedition Officers - Jon Urquidi Ferreira, Liz Ewing


President - Charlotte Greene

Vice President - Connie Osborne

Treasurer - George Vaughan

Secretary - Liz Ewing

Publicity Officer - Rachel Ademokun

Events Officers - Alice Pearson, Beth West, Lizzie Adefuwa

Training Course Officers - Conal Maguire, Tom Georgi, Jake Warrington, Jonathan Schulz

Conference Officers - William Rowley, Tahlia Sharples

Expedition Officer - Ellie Richards


President - James Pigott

Vice President - Ellie Richards

Treasurer - Ali Ansaripour

Secretary - Adnaan Gnanchi

Publicity Officer - Liz Ewing

Events Officers - Charlotte Greene, William Rowley, Alice Pearson, Callum Johnstone

Training Course Officers - Connie Osborne, Joe Pybus

Conference Officers - John Hanrahan, Tahlia Sharples

Expedition Officer - Liz Ewing

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