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How much will the course cost? 

The course will cost £40

To increase inclusivity we have provided a bursary scheme that individuals can apply for via our bursary application form. 

When will the course start? 

The course will start on the Tuesday 7th of November. The final session will be on the Tuesday 26th of March, and in April there will be a mock OSCE and a recap session.  

How will the course run? 

The course will run every Tuesday evening, with occasional Saturdays for practical sessions and 1 weekend away. The length of the sessions will differ week by week, but it will usually be between 1.5-2hrs, starting between 6-7pm depending on the speakers' arrival times. The majority of Saturday practicals will start in the morning and run for the majority of the day.


The planned Saturdays are as follows:  

  • Saturday 18th November 2023

  • Saturday 20th January 2024

Weekend away: 

  • Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th March 2024

Please note, these dates are subject to change if speakers need to rearrange, or if venues require a last minute change in date. 

What will the course consist of? 

The course will consist of in person lectures and workshops on Tuesday evenings, with practical training delivered on approximately two Saturday's during the course. The vast majority of the course will be held at Guy's Campus, but some practical training may be held on day trips within proximity to central London. The majority of talks will be delivered by external speakers who are experts in their field. There will also be some practical training delivered by training course officers and alumni. The course will be interactive and social, whilst also adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines, with members expected to wear masks and follow KCL's guidance on regular testing when on campus. 

Who will be speaking? 

We have managed to book in what we believe is a truly incredible line up of speakers including consultants in aviation, military doctors, professors in extreme physiology, and many, many more. For more information please see the timetable and the speaker bios.  

Do I need to attend every session to complete the course? 

We completely understand that everyone's lives are busy, and it may not be possible to attend every session. In order to get a full completion certificate, and in order to use this course to gain credits for FAWM (see below), you must have an 80% attendance rate or higher. If for whatever reason you cannot attend 80% of the course you will still receive a certificate, but it will just show your percentage attendance. We know that not everyone who applies to the course will want to pursue the FAWM qualification, so we would encourage anyone with an interest or passion for wilderness medicine to apply!

How can I apply? What is the application process? 

Application forms to apply to the course will go live on the Thursday 28th of September 2023 (on this website) and the deadline for applications will be 11pm on the 9th of October 2023. On the form you will be asked what course you are studying, your current year of study, your previous experience of wilderness or expedition medicine and why you want to be on the course. Decisions will be communicated within one week, and if successful you will receive instruction on next steps via email. Click here for the link for applications.

What experience do I need to participate in the course? 

We would love applications from students studying a variety of disciplines. The course will be heavily focused towards extreme physiology and the medical management of different scenarios, so basic biomedical and clinical knowledge is essential. We will assess each application on its merits and previous experience of wilderness or expedition medicine (or evidence of long-term interest) will help strengthen your application.  

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate from the KCL Wilderness Medicine Society and accredited by the Wilderness Medicine Society. 

What is a Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM)?  

The Wilderness Medicine Society, based in America, offers members a chance to gain a Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). This credential can be displayed after your name and is the highest and most widely recognised certification in the field of wilderness medicine. In order to attain this, you need to become a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society, which costs $50 and pay the $225 FAWM candidacy fee. Once enrolled you need to need to accumulate 100 credits to complete the program. Our KCL WMS training course gives you the opportunity to gain 43 out of the 100 credits required (28 core credits, 15 accessory credits). More information can be found on their website. The course will also include advice and recommendations on how to gain the remaining credits and make the most of WMS membership. 

What does it mean that the training course is FAWM accredited? 

This course has been approved for Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) credits through the Wilderness Medical Society. Actual credits awarded depend on personal credit needs and history. For those who are new to FAWM, completing our course can earn you 43 out of the 100 credits that are needed to complete a FAWM programme. For more information about a FAWM please visit the Wilderness Medicine Society website. 

How has the course changed due to COVID-19? 

We are excited to have returned to in-person learning. Members will be expected to follow the wider KCL guidelines if these are changed in regards to COVID-19. Members are reminded not to come onto campus if they are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, or if they have any reason to believe they may be infected with COVID-19. 

Will there be socials? 

The course itself will be very interactive and social, but we also do plan on hosting socials throughout the course, including day trips to compliment the skills learnt, and some more jovial evening socials. 

What if I can only attend half of the course? 

Since the course is accredited by the Wilderness Medicine Society you need to attend at least 80% or more of the course in order to get a full completion certificate. If you know you will only be able to attend 50% of the course, then please do not apply.  

Can I get a refund if I no longer want to be on the course? 

If you realise before the first session that you can no longer be on the course, then we can look at giving you a refund. Once the course has begun then there will be no refunds.  

Do I need to pass the mock OSCE to complete the course? 

No, the mock OSCE will be optional, but highly recommended. It will be formative and just to solidify your learning, and you do not need to pass the ​OSCE in order to pass the course. 

Do I need to be a student to be on the course? 

Yes, you do.

How do I pay for the course? 

The payment will be through, but you will find all the information with how to pay for the course on your acceptance email. 

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